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Kerala "Nature, Beach and Ayurvedic Massage"

7 night & 8 days travel in Kerala
  • Stay in beautiful boutique hotels of Kerala.
  • Cruise in luxurious mobile houseboat along the famous back water canals for one day & night.
  • Visit the harbor city of Cochin.
  • Enjoy the delicious karalien cuisine pamper your self with renowned Ayurvadic massage.

Lakshadweep the hidden paradise on earth. Discover the pristine aquatic life of Bangaram Island.

Season: August to May. Best Season: November to March.

Tour Type: Leisure. Hotel: 5 * boutique hotels.
Transportation: air condition vehicles.

Itinerary: D1. Arive to Cochin D2. Cochin D3. Back water curise D4. Kumarakom D5. Kumarakom D6. Marari Beach D7. Marari Beach
Marari Beach
D9. Marari Beach ~ transfer to cochin airport D10. Fly out

The tropical peninsula of Kerala is home to coconuts, spices, palms and Ayurvedic massage, making this tour ideal for Honeymooners and those seeking to relax. Pamper yourself with Ayurvedic massage, delicious Keralian cuisine and white sand beaches.

Ayurveda is an intricate system of medicine originating thousands of years ago in India. In Sanskrit (India's classical language), 'Ayu' means life; life being the combination of mind, body and soul. And 'Veda', simply, means knowledge. Ayurvedic massage helps all bodily systems; mental, emotional and physical. It expels toxins, re-establishes good circulation, and helps the body grow and renew. Ayurvedic massage also helps the mind recover from past trauma, stress and tensions.

Keralian cuisine is regarded as one of the finest cuisines in India. The region has historically grown many exotic Indian spices, once being a part of the legendary trading route, The Silk Road.
A one day cruise through the famous backwaters will provide another vision of India, letting you see the day to day activities of Indians as you pass through the canals.

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