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Wonders of Central India

(16 nights & 17 days in India) travel in central India
  • Taj Mahal, India’s iconic symbol of true love.
  • Magnificent 10th century temples of Khajuraho.
  • The stupa of Sanchi which dates from 3BCE to the 12th Century.
  • Mandu an architectural gem of india.
  • The caves of Ajanta and Elora.

Good Season: August to March. Best Season: November to February.

Tour Type: Cultural. Hotel: Heritage & boutique hotels 3* & above.
Transportation: air-condition deluxe vehicle.

Itinerary: D1. Arrive in Delhi D2. Delhi D3. Agra D4. Orchha D5. Khajuraho D6. Alipura D7. Sanchi D8. Bhopal D9. Ujjain D10. Mandu D11. Mandu D12. Maheshwar D13. Maheshwar D14. Jalgaon D15. Visit Ajanta Aurangabad D16. Aurangabad (visit Elora) D17. Aurangabad ~ Mumbai ~ transfer to airport D18. Fly out

This tour is designed to take you back to the Golden period of India. It is a tour for monument lovers. Begin with the Taj Mahal, an Architectural testament to true love. This stunning icon, best seen at sunrise, was built in the 18th Century in white marble by Emperor Saha Jahan in loving memory of his wife. Where the Taj Mahal speaks of love, the neighubouring Red Fort speaks of war. Wander through the massive hallways, arches and courtyards and experience this sprawling, grandiose example of architectural craftsmanship. The temples of Orchha and Khajuraha speak of devotion. The King's who built them sacrificed the comfort of their own palaces in order to worship to their God's and Goddesses. The rich decoration, sculpture and stonework leave no doubt that these Kings were absolutely devoted.

The famous site of Mandu is a celebration in stone, of life and joy, a tribute to the love shared between the poet-prince Baz Bahadur and his beautiful consort, Rani Roopmati. The balladeers of Malwa still sing of their euphoric romance.

The Buddhist caves of Ajanta and Elora, which date from 200BC to 650 AD, are also witnesses to India's Golden Age. Immerse yourself in North India's history of love, war and devotion.

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